Legislative Analysis: This bill is sponsored by a coalition of advocates for the enforcement of environmental laws, who contend that public enforcement of existing protections is inadequate.  It provides that any person or non-profit organization of persons with a beneficial interest in the outcome may commence a civil action to enforce specific laws regarding the protection or enhancement of public health or the environment.  Under the bill, potential plaintiffs would be required to first notify the Attorney General of the violation, and would be precluded from pursuing the action if the Attorney General brought suit.  The bill further provides specified limits on remedies and settlement in order to further the purposes of environmental law enforcement.

The Civil Justice Association of California contends that the bill will result in “an excessive amount of meritless, fee-motivated lawsuits,” which will increase costs to businesses of all sizes, and add thousands of new cases to California’s already over-burdened civil court system.  In CJAC’s view, no private party should be allowed to sue to clean up pollution unless and until injury has occurred to that person.

CCCALA Analysis: Increases predatory lawsuits and opens the door to the very type of litigation the voters of California sought to stop through the passage of Proposition 64 by expanding the potential for frivolous litigation on alleged violations of permits, regulations, and statutes.

Central California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse is a nonprofit [501(c)(6)], grassroots public education organization dedicated to serving as a watchdog over the legal system and those who would seek to abuse it for undeserved gain. We are committed to increasing public awareness about the human and financial costs of frivolous lawsuits. Central California CALA currently has over 3,000 supporters throughout the Central Valley and Sacramento region.

CCCALA is looking for individuals to serve on our board or advisory committee, fundraising opportunities and ways to develop our supporter database. We are directed by a president who is available for meeting with potential supporters or contributors, speaking at events, or any other opportunity presented.

Public Education & Grassroots Advocacy Program

A strong, vocal coalition, serving the Sacramento region and Central Valley, is working to highlight problems within our California legal system. Central California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CCCALA) and our over 3,000 supporters have had a significant impact on public perceptions and attitudes about the effects of clogged courts and frivolous lawsuits. And, momentum is building…

Our grassroots legal reform advocacy coalition attracts important audiences from the public to elected officials, the media to the business community – in an effort to influence public opinion about the extraordinary costs of lawsuit abuse.

Along the way, CALA has also attracted the ire of well-funded trial lawyer opposition and their allies in “consumer” organizations. With this indignation comes recognition of CALA’s formidability. The true nature of the coalition and the viability of our message make it difficult for such opposition to poke holes in our armor.

In a recent survey, Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse ranked second only to Mothers Against Drunk Driving in credibility.